Sweden’s first public hydrogen refueling station for heavy vehicles and passenger cars with hydrogen produced from its own wind turbine will soon be inaugurated in Älghult in Småland.

Experience the fossil-free and user-friendly fuel of the future at the opening on August 31st!

Uppvidinge Vätgas AB and Metacon AB are proud to announce that we have together realized a groundbreaking project. With support from Klimatklivet, we at Uppvidinge Vätgas have built a state-of-the-art hydrogen filling station of a type that may revolutionize the Swedish vehicle fuel supply.

What makes this hydrogen filling station unique is that it offers green hydrogen produced with the help of Uppvidinge Vätgas’s own nearby wind turbines for refueling both passenger cars and heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. By using electricity from the wind turbine in our electrolyser, the plant can generate 200 kg of pure hydrogen every day. This means that we can offer a sustainable alternative to imported fossil vehicle fuels without burdening the Swedish electricity system.

When operating on hydrogen fuel, the only emission is pure water vapor, which makes this filling station a true environmental hero. Every time you refuel here, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions and actively fight against climate change. And refueling is as fast as with petrol or diesel, while you can drive basically the same distance whether it’s summer or winter. No behaviors or practices need to be changed by either motorists or entrepreneurs in the transport sector. Everything remains the same – but 100% environmentally and climate-friendly. This enables the transition for real.

Uppvidinge Vätgas and Metacon are proud to invite you to the official inauguration of the hydrogen refueling station in Älghult, which will take place on Thursday 31 August 2023. It will be a day full of exciting opportunities, where you get the chance to experience the fuel of the future and be part of the green revolution.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event and sharing our knowledge of this groundbreaking technology that is the foundation for enabling much of the sustainable transport sector of the future. Together we can make a real difference and create a greener world.

In connection with the inauguration, we will show the hydrogen production at the wind turbine, the equipment at the filling station and conduct the inauguration by refueling vehicles with green hydrogen. In addition to the opening ceremony itself, a hydrogen seminar and demonstration of hydrogen vehicles will be conducted.

We, who carried out the project are Uppvidinge Vätgas AB and Metacon AB with financial support from Klimatklivet.

We reserve the right to limit the number of participants.

See pictures from the project here