11 12, 2012

Metacon aquires unique reformer company

2018-07-22T19:42:38+02:00december 11th, 2012|Pressmeddelanden Arkiv|

Metacon has acquired the majority of the shares of the reformer company Helbio S.A. The acquisition is motivated by Helbio possessing the leading edge technology and patents in catalytic reformer technology that form a central part of Metacon’s unique energy system for the conversion of methane gas to hydrogen, electricity and heating. Based on the considerable cooperation between the [...]

11 09, 2012

Leading industrial nations in transition to hydrogen cars

2018-07-22T19:42:21+02:00september 11th, 2012|Pressmeddelanden Arkiv|

Metacon claims to possess the best technology in the market for the reformation of biogas and natural gas to hydrogen. The technology reduces the cost of producing hydrogen and has the opportunity to make fuelling stations for hydrogen viable for consumers as well as producers. Metacon now starts the marketing of turnkey fuelling stations to various stakeholders in context [...]


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