Reformer for industrial hydrogen

Metacon’s Reformer Technology is scalable and can both be made as small systems and expanded to very large facilities. Such may be of interest to industries with a high hydrogen demand and where the raw material in the form of methane or other hydrocarbon is available locally at low cost. Examples of industrial hydrogen use are:

– Steel industry, for example as a protective gas for heat treatment of stainless steel

– Nuclear power stations and other large power plants, for the cooling of the generators

– Manufacturing of biodiesel and other fuels, including methane (Power to gas)

– Manufacture of food, for example margarine (so-called hydration)

– Pharmaceutical industry, for hydration and various chemical processes

– Gas welding of precious metals, such as gold and silver, where absolute purity is required

– As well as many other applications in the chemical industry

For many of these industrial hydrogen needs, Metacon’s technology is very cost-effective, compared to today’s common method of hydrogen production large-scale from natural gas, and distributed over long distances, at high costs.

Metacon will provide market-driven solutions with hydrogen generators, gas purification, compression and storage of hydrogen, in tailor-made solutions for each customer’s needs.