Örebro 2022-04-13


JANUARY 1 – MARCH 31, 2022

  • On January 26, Metacon announced that an EPC partner agreement with GISAB (part of

Jernbro) for the electrolysis and HRS area in the Nordic region has been signed.

  • On February 28, a partnership agreement was announced to create a “Hydrogen village” in

Greece together with, among others, the large gas company DEDA.

  • On March 4, Metacon announced a cooperation agreement with PERIC for the European

hydrogen refueling station (HRS) market.


  • On April 6, it was announced that Metacon’s Helbio unit had received approval and is starting

an EU project for the development of innovative nanocatalytic materials and reactors.

  • On April 22, it was announced that Metacon, in collaboration with Hydroholding, will deliver

the first micro hydrogen refueling (HRS) demonstration station in Slovakia.

  • On April 27, it was announced that Metacon, in collaboration with GISAB, will receive breakthrough

orders for two electrolysis-based integrated refueling stations for green hydrogen

(HRS) from Botnia Hydrogen.

  • On April 29, Metacon presented medium-term financial targets via press release and

brought forward the publication of the Q1 report.

  • On May 5, it was announced that Metacon delivers a pilot contract to PERIC Hydrogen

Technology for a 5 MW electrolysis plant in the United States.

Download Q1 2022 

For further informationplease contact Christer Wikner, by phone +46 (0)707-647389 or e-mail info@metacon.se

About Metacon AB (publ)

Metacon AB (publ) develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on a patented technology that, through so called catalytic steam reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons, generates hydrogen. The development of Metacon’s reforming products is done within the wholly owned subsidiary Helbio, which is a spin-off from the University of Patra, Greece and was founded by Professor Xenophon Verykios in 2001. From the onset, the business has focused on catalysts and advanced reforming for high-efficiency hydrogen production. Hydrogen can be used in the transportation, industrial and real estate sectors with better environment and climate as a result.

Metacon also offers system solutions and facilities for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis, a large and globally growing area for small and large-scale production of green hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used in the transportation sector, the base industry and the real estate sector, with great improvements for the environment and the climate as a result.

Additional  information may be found at

www.metacon.se | Twitter: @Metaconab | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/metacona