21 12, 2021

Thomas Chalkidis appointed new Managing Director for Helbio S.A.

2021-12-21T17:24:14+01:00December 21st, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Thomas Chalkidis has been appointed new Managing Director for Metacon’s daughter company Helbio S.A. in Patras, Greece. At the same time, he assumes the role as Head of Reforming Technologies within Metacon Group. Thomas Chalkidis takes over the leadership of Helbio after Professor Xenophon Verykios who retires after a long, successful scientific and entrepreneurial career in the field of [...]

18 11, 2021

Metacon AB (publ) quarterly report Q3 2021

2021-11-18T07:47:55+01:00November 18th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases, Reports|

”During the third quarter focus was on key acquisitions in our core areas of green hydrogen and we received a breakthrough order in electrolysis”, says Christer Wikner, CEO Metacon AB (publ) CONSOLIDATED GROUP JULY 1 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 Net sales amounted to 700 (491) kSEK Operating result amounted to -8 147 (-6 983) kSEK Result after financial items [...]

10 11, 2021

Metacon receives order for an ethanol reformer from Swiss company WattAnyWhere for use in off-grid EV charging systems

2021-11-10T15:26:03+01:00November 10th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon through its Helbio unit has received a first order from the Switzerland based company WattAnyWhere for developing an ethanol-to-hydrogen reformer system for use in WattAnyWhere’s off-grid biofuel-to-EV charging stations under development. Order value is EUR 58 000. The transportation sector is one of the biggest GHG (greenhouse gas) emitters globally and under great pressure to transition towards more sustainable [...]

3 10, 2021

Metacon acquires 100% of the electrolysis company Water2H2 AB

2021-10-03T19:19:53+02:00October 3rd, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon has completed the acquisition of the associated company Water2H2 AB. Metacon has already held 20% of the shares in Water2H2 and has held a call option for the remaining 80% for a decision on use during January 2022. As developments in both the electrolysis market and Water2H2 have exceeded expectations, Metacon, in agreement with Water2H2's owners, has already [...]

24 09, 2021

Metacon’s associated company Water2H2 signs agreement for the sale of electrolysis plant

2021-09-24T08:11:51+02:00September 24th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon's associated company Water2H2 AB has entered into a binding agreement for the sale of an electrolysis plant to Uppvidinge Vätgas AB for the production of green hydrogen from existing wind power. The total contract value is approximately SEK 21.5 million and the transaction also includes equipment for storage, transport and a refuelling station for both passenger cars and [...]

8 09, 2021

Metacon starts demo program for H2PS-5. The first customer within the program will be Xoma AB

2021-09-08T17:06:46+02:00September 8th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon AB today announces that it is starting a demo program for the introduction of the company's product H2PS-5. The first customer within the framework of the program will be Xoma AB. The program gives a number of selected customers the opportunity to purchase the product at a reduced price against active participation in Metacon's continued marketing and technology [...]

26 08, 2021

Metacon AB (publ) quarterly report Q2 2021

2021-08-26T12:27:47+02:00August 26th, 2021|Presentations, Pressreleases, Reports|

PARENT COMPANY APRIL 1 – JUNE 30, 2021 Total revenues amounted to 0 (0) kSEK Operating result amounted to -3 136 (-2 154) kSEK Result after financial items amounted to -3 188 (-2 214) kSEK CONSOLIDATED GROUP APRIL 1 – JUNE 30, 2021 Total revenues amounted to 38 (1 128) kSEK Operating result amounted to -7 992 (-3 284) [...]

20 08, 2021

Metacon signs distribution agreement for Japan

2021-08-20T15:10:44+02:00August 20th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon AB today announced the signing of a non-exclusive distribution agreement in Japan with the company Notes Co. Ltd., Nagano for its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) product H2PS-5. The agreement is made through Metacon’s subsidiaries Metacon KK in Japan and Helbio SA in Greece. Notes is a company active in the electronics and energy sector in Japan. Notes [...]

12 07, 2021

Metacon AB reports on option program

2021-07-12T18:55:04+02:00July 12th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon today closed the subscription of its internal option program decided on the annual shareholder’s meeting 8 June. All 6 500 000 share options that were offered to individuals in management and on the board of directors within category 1-3 according to the AGM decision were subscribed. 2 500 000 options are reserved for future recruitments. The options that have now been subscribed [...]

4 06, 2021

Metacon AB acquires remaining shares in Helbio

2021-06-04T08:23:40+02:00June 4th, 2021|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon has reached an agreement today to acquire the remaining 41.13% of the shares in Helbio Holdings SA in an all-stock transaction. Metacon already owns 58.87% of Helbio since before. Following the acquisition, Helbio Holdings will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Metacon in the product categories hydrogen generation and energy systems. The shares are being acquired from a [...]


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