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Metacon AB (publ)


Hydrogen is a completely pure fuel/energy carrier that satisfies all requirements for the future sustainable society. It can replace fossil fuels in the transport sector, for combined heat and power generation, and for energy storage, in order to achieve the zero-emission targets. Hydrogen can be produced almost anywhere on the earth, through clean processes.

Metacon offers the market patented technology for cost-efficient production of hydrogen from biogas or other hydrocarbons, for fuel and energy production in the transport, industry, real estate and residential areas with better environment and climate as a result.


Metacon Moves Headquarters to Örebro

December 23rd, 2019|

Metacon today announced that it has selected Örebro for its corporate headquarters location. “Metacon aspires to become a leading provider of technology and solutions for local production of hydrogen out of natural gas, [...]


METACON AB, Tomtebogatan 2, SE-703 43 Örebro, Sweden

Phone: +46 19 126800


Carl Christopher Tornblom

Phone: +46 19 126800