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Metacon AB (publ)


Hydrogen is a completely pure fuel/energy carrier that satisfies all requirements for the future sustainable society. It can replace fossil fuels in the transport sector, for combined heat and power generation, and for energy storage, in order to achieve the zero-emission targets. Hydrogen can be produced almost anywhere on the earth, through clean processes.

Metacon develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on a patented technology that generates hydrogen through reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons. The hydrogen can be used in the transport sector, industry and the real estate sector with a better environment and climate as a result. Through its associated company Water2H2 AB, the market is offered systems and solutions for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis.


Metacon signs distribution agreement for Japan

August 20th, 2021|

Metacon AB today announced the signing of a non-exclusive distribution agreement in Japan with the company Notes Co. Ltd., Nagano for its Combined Heat and Power (CHP) product H2PS-5. The agreement is made [...]

Metacon AB reports on option program

July 12th, 2021|

Metacon today closed the subscription of its internal option program decided on the annual shareholder’s meeting 8 June. All 6 500 000 share options that were offered to individuals in management and on the board [...]

Metacon AB acquires remaining shares in Helbio

June 4th, 2021|

Metacon has reached an agreement today to acquire the remaining 41.13% of the shares in Helbio Holdings SA in an all-stock transaction. Metacon already owns 58.87% of Helbio since before. Following the acquisition, [...]


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