Metacon AB (publ) is an international energy technology company whose business idea is to commercialize small and large energy systems for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat.

Metacon was established 2011 in Sweden, and in February 2013 Metacon acquired a majority interest in Helbio Holdings S.A., which owns 100% of Helbio S.A. Helbio has patented technology for cost-effective production of hydrogen from biogas or other hydrocarbons for fuel and energy consumption, through a catalyst process aimed at the transport sector, industry, commercial and residential real estate, with better impact on environment and climate.

Helbio S.A., is a spin-off from University of Patras, Greece, and was founded by Professor Xenophon Verykios in 2001. The business has initially focused on catalysts and advanced reformers for high-efficiency production of hydrogen.

Read more about Helbio: www.helbio.com