8 02, 2019

Helbio’s participation in Hannover Messe

2019-02-08T14:23:50+00:00February 8th, 2019|Pressreleases|

Helbio will be participating in the Hannover Messe, the world's leading trade show for industrial technology that is taking place in Hannover, Germany from the 1st till the 5th of April. Hannover Messe is Europe's largest hydrogen and fuel cells exhibition, with more than 6.000 exhibitors and 200.000 visitors to be expected. Some of the exhibition's topics are: Hydrogen [...]

8 02, 2019

HELBIO shapes the future of the energy sector with Equinor

2019-02-08T13:00:12+00:00February 8th, 2019|Projects & Events|

The European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot and Equinor partnered for a business acceleration event in Oslo, Norway. HELBIO was one of the companies selected to pitch and engage in in-depth discussions with Equinor corporate representatives and investors. On 29 January 2019, HELBIO pitched its solutions for decentralized, economical, efficient and green energy supply with Prometheus 5, a Combined Heat [...]

8 02, 2019

Mr. Jae-chung Ha from Vastek Group visited Helbio

2019-02-08T12:58:37+00:00February 8th, 2019|Projects & Events|

Mr. Jae-chung Ha from Vastek Group visited Helbio's facilities at Patras Science Park in Rio, Greece for receiving a demonstration of the CHP unit, Prometheus 5, which is manufactured by Helbio. Mr. Jae-chung Ha acts as a distributor for the CHP unit, Prometheus 5 in South Korea. He has completed the order of a P5 unit and is awaiting [...]

5 02, 2019

Metacon KK exhibits at the world’s Largest Hydrogen Fuel Cell Show

2019-02-08T13:56:29+00:00February 5th, 2019|Pressreleases|

Metacon AB subsidiary Metacon KK will exhibit at the FC Expo 2019 in Tokyo which will take place from February 27 to March 1, 2019.  It is considered the largest trade show in the world for Hydrogen. “I’m pleased to be present at the world’s largest exhibition for the hydrogen industry. This will enable us to showcase our products [...]

22 01, 2019

Helbio S.A. has received an additional order from Prudensco Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd in India

2019-01-22T11:20:07+00:00January 22nd, 2019|Pressreleases|

Metacon AB subsidiary Helbio S.A. has received an additional order from Prudensco Integrated Systems Pvt. Ltd, India, to produce an APU system based on methanol. The APU system will be designed to satisfy the needs for clean, stable and quiet power production, especially for telecommunication applications. The APU system will be tested on-site by a telecommunication provider company in [...]

9 01, 2019

Metacon AB subsidiary Metacon KK announces changes in the organization

2019-01-09T10:59:16+00:00January 9th, 2019|Pressreleases|

Metacon AB subsidiary Metacon KK has appointed Mr. Ken-ichi Neriukawa and Mr. Koji Matsuura to its board of directors. Mr. Neriukawa did as a result of this leave his role as CEO of Metacon KK and will be replaced by Mr. Masanori Miyake.  “We are delighted to welcome Matsuura-san and Miyake-san to Metacon,” said Carl Christopher Tornblom, Group CEO of Metacon AB. “Both individuals [...]

20 12, 2018

Metacon AB subsidiary Helbio SA has received an order from Prudensco Ltd

2018-12-20T14:58:55+00:00December 20th, 2018|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon AB subsidiary Helbio SA has received an order from Prudensco Ltd (Bangalore, India) for two Prometheus-5 (P-5) units. One unit will function as an auxiliary power unit (APU) and will be based on biogas, the other unit will operate as a CHP and will be based on natural gas. One of the units will be supplied with water recovery system so [...]

17 12, 2018

Order på vätgastankningssystem till Växjö

2018-12-17T09:49:52+00:00December 17th, 2018|Metacon Newsroom, Pressreleases|

Metacon har från Småländska Bränslen AB i Växjö erhållit beställning på utrustning för vätgastankning av bränslecellsfordon. Utrustningen är av enklare utförande för begränsad tankningskapacitet och anpassad för inledande etablering av vätgasdrivna bränslecellsfordon. Den är i första skedet inte avsedd för publikt bruk. Småländska Bränslen AB är en ledande aktör inom såväl biogasdistribution som ägande och drift av biogastankstationer i [...]

4 12, 2018

Metacons vätgasteknik för energiproduktion väcker stort internationellt intresse

2018-12-04T11:27:26+00:00December 4th, 2018|Articles/Publications, Metacon Newsroom|

”Jag tror att den här tekniken inom en snar framtid kommer att få sitt stora genombrott” www.metacon. I somras, under några av de varmaste veckorna I mannaminne, genomförde Metacon AB en lyckad företrädesemission på knappt 17 miljoner och bolaget fick vid sidan om tidigare aktieägare dessutom cirka 500 nya aktieägare. Den 11 oktober började Metacons aktie att handlas på [...]


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