Metacon’s emission of new shares (private placement) has been successfully accomplished and is now concluded. The emission has been oversubscribed in relation to planned volume, which can only been seen as positive considering the ventures in preparation. The placement’s yield will be announced in a separate press release. Preparations for listing are now in the final stages, and the aim is for share trading to begin before end of the second quarter. Simultaneously, business negotiations and discussions are under way regarding a long-term business partnership with a company in Asia. The board of directors have decided, therefore, to await the outcome of these negotiations before completion of the listing process and the introduction of Metacon’s shares for trading on Aktietorget.

Metacon has, in negotiations with the Asian company, received a letter of intent for the collaboration in the large-scale establishment of Metacon’s energy systems for biogas. The intention is for the collaboration to commence immediately.

Metacon sees great potential in Asia and is subsequently going to increase its presence by establishing a subsidiary and an office in Japan at the earliest possible opportunity.

Metacon being so close to market establishment in Asia is both a result of several years of presence and participation at the FC Expo in Tokyo, as well as targeted work towards end-users and energy companies within renewable energy. After the catastrophes with the tsunami and the nuclear power station failure in Fukushima, the Japanese government has established new regulations with high feed-in tariffs, which as a result means that the payment for electricity produced from biomass is approx. 2.5 SEK/kWh, making the payback period for Metacon’s energy system short and profitability good. Other countries in Asia also have advantageous regulations for renewable energy, and there is a great interest for energy production using biogas.

“It’s been a very hectic period since I took over as managing director on March 1st, but also very instructive, and I’m very happy with the situation today. Metacon has now succeeded in completing the private placement emission, and at the same time establishing a very good position for a rapid and strong launch of the commercialisation of the products that have been prepared over a long period by Helbio and Metacon. Obviously, many of us would have liked to see both listing and sales launch earlier, but now it’s under way and I see a very bright future.” says Jan-Åke Bramby, Managing Director for Metacon.

For further information, please contact CEO Jan-Åke Bramby, tel. 070 387 7150, IR Manager Slavica Djuric, tel. 076 765 4733, or e-mail


About Metacon AB (publ)
Metacon is an international energy technology company with base in Sweden and headquarters in Karlskoga, whose overall business idea is to commercialise small and medium size energy systems for the production of hydrogen, electricity and heat, primarily from biogas. Metacon’s systems have been developed to provide maximum benefits both for society, the environment and its owners.