Metacon AB today announces that it is starting a demo program for the introduction of the company’s product H2PS-5. The first customer within the framework of the program will be Xoma AB.

The program gives a number of selected customers the opportunity to purchase the product at a reduced price against active participation in Metacon’s continued marketing and technology follow-up work. The Gothenburg-based company Xoma AB has entered into an agreement with Metacon to purchase H2PS-5 for its operations within sustainable cultivation of marine products. Delivery will take place after approved CE marking.

Xoma AB is an innovative company on the Swedish west coast, active in sustainable marine cultivation of, among other things, giant prawns and algae that develops a closed system for growing marine products (so-called CLAS systems). With the technology and solution that Xoma uses, major sustainability benefits can be achieved. For ex­ample, the need for frequent water-exchange, which is a problem in corresponding conventional cultivation pro­cesses, can in principle be completely avoided.

Metacon’s product H2PS-5 is a so-called CHP system (combined heat and electricity) that converts (e.g.) biogas into hydrogen for continuous production of electricity and heat, regardless of the electricity grid.

Xoma’s CEO Dennis Pedersén comments on the collaboration: “We at Xoma AB look forward to a collaboration with Metacon. The technology from Metacon gives us a unique way to drive our circular cultivation. The fact that the module can convert biogas into electricity and thermal power in a perfect mix is what has led us to choose Metacon, which gives us a huge advantage over competitors.”

Christer Wikner, President and CEO of Metacon: “Xoma has an exciting solution for sustainable marine cultivation under development. In combination with Metacon’s technology in the CHP field, we can combine two cutting-edge technologies into a complete application with the potential to fundamentally change this area towards sustainable circular processes in marine production environments”.

For further information, please contact CEO Christer Wikner, phone +46 707-647389 or email:

About Metacon AB (publ)
Metacon AB (publ) develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on patented technology that produce hydrogen through reforming of biogas or other hy­drocarbons, developed at the fully owned subsidiary Helbio in Greece. Helbio is a spin-off from the University of Patra and was founded by Professor Xenophon Verykios in 2001. From the very beginning, the business has focused on catalysts and advanced reforming solutions for highly efficient hydrogen production. The hydrogen can be used in the transport sector, industry and the real estate sector with a better environment and climate as a result. Through its associated company Water2H2, the market is also offered systems and solutions for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis.

About Xoma AB
Xoma AB ( is a Gothenburg-based company founded in 2016 that develops an innovative solution for the next generation of sustainable marine production of, among other things, giant prawns and algae. The produc­tion system developed by Xoma is modular and scalable. It also allows for production without the need for access to the sea or other natural marine environments. The need for the company’s products is considered to be great in many parts of the world.

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