Metacon AB has terminated the agreement with Mangold Fondkommission AB for its function as liquidity provider. The purpose of the liquidity provider has been to ensure liquidity in the shares and reduce volatility.

The trading liquidity has for a long time been very solid, hence the need for a liquidity provider has evaporated.

Mangold Fondkommission AB will continue as a liquidity provider until February 26, 2021.

For further information, please contact CEO Christopher Tornblom, phone +44 7827 509544 or e-mail

About Metacon AB (publ)
Metacon AB (publ) develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on a patented technology that produce hydrogen through reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons. The hydrogen can be used in the transport sector, industry and the real estate sector with a better environment and climate as a result. Through its associated company Water2H2, the market is offered systems and solutions for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis.

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