Metacon has acquired the majority of the shares of the reformer company Helbio S.A. The acquisition is motivated by Helbio possessing the leading edge technology and patents in catalytic reformer technology that form a central part of Metacon’s unique energy system for the conversion of methane gas to hydrogen, electricity and heating.

Based on the considerable cooperation between the founders of Metacon and Helbio, the companies are now merging their operations. Helbio in its processes of developing and building hydrogen generators for various applications, delivered either integrated with fuel cells or as stand-alone units has reached a world-leading position in hydrogen production from various bio fuels. These activities are now incorporated in Metacon’s continued expansion.

Metacon’s product portfolio and client base are hereby growing to include also hydrogen generators besides the current power systems for economical and environmentally friendly production of electricity and heating. Metacon can now thus offer plants mainly within the effect spectrum up to 1 000 kW for biogas and natural gas, adaptable to locally available fuels and each country’s own conditions. Several pilot installations have been developed, installed and started up for evaluation jointly with the clients within the following areas:

• Hydrogen generators for new fuelling stations, gas companies, storing of energy and various industrial applications;
• Auxiliary power supply for field hospitals, water pumps, refrigerators, sanity, mountain cabins, etc;
• Combined power and heating plant for housing, farms, greenhouses, communal and private plants etc.

In addition to the ongoing deliveries to clients in Sweden, several enquiries from interested parties outside Sweden are now being handled.

Payment for the acquisition of shares will be made in newly issued shares of Metacon. In total, approximately 16.1 million new Metacon shares will be issued to pay for the shares of Helbio. The Metacon shares have been valued at 2.40 SEK per share in the exchange. After completion of the transaction, Metacon now owns 51% of Helbio.