Metacon claims to possess the best technology in the market for the reformation of biogas and natural gas to hydrogen. The technology reduces the cost of producing hydrogen and has the opportunity to make fuelling stations for hydrogen viable for consumers as well as producers. Metacon now starts the marketing of turnkey fuelling stations to various stakeholders in context with the build-up of infrastructure now accelerating in leading industrial nations all over the world.

Metacon has identified a global interest in establishing fuelling stations for hydrogen cars. The background is that several of the leading car manufacturers will introduce volume sales of their hydrogen fuelled models in 2015. Hydrogen fuel cell cars produce no harmful exhausts and during several years of evaluations, have proven the capacity to handle long-distance drives at least to the same level as the current petrol and diesel fuelled cars. Several nations have thus initiated the setting up of fuelling stations for hydrogen cars and the need for establishing fuelling stations to enable transports between the major cities in Germany, France, USA, Japan and Scandinavia is huge. Recently Japanese public authorities advertised that they support the establishment of some 100 new fuelling stations in order to establish a functioning infrastructure for the introduction of hydrogen cell fuelled cars. Metacon has initiated a dialogue with potential clients and partners within this field.

In Sweden Metacon has initiated a project that aims at establishing Sweden’s first fuelling station for hydrogen with 700 bar produced from local biogas, serving to point out the environmental, technological and financial advantages of refining and using biogas for the production of hydrogen. The overall objective is to provide Sweden with the facilities to become market leaders within this environmental technology area enjoying strong growth abroad. Substantial support effects are expected in relation to Sweden’s joining in with the global transition from harmful and ’dirty’ fuels and the combustion and residue thereof to climate-smart processes and pure, catalytic /electrochemical technologies. Metacon has applied for financial support from Energimyndigheten (the Swedish Energy Agency) and is currently in discussions about the localization of the first fuelling station in Sweden.