Metacon - Ingemar Andersson

Ingemar Andersson

Born 1951
Joined the board in 2016

Officer of the Army groups 1973-1982. 25 years of experience in senior positions witthin the Swedish defense industry. 1982-2007 Marketing Manager FFV, Deputy CEO of Bofors AB, Business Area Manager Celsius AB and deputy CEO of Saab AB. From 2007 he runs a consultancy company focused on business development and management, with assignments from Swedish and international industry clients. Board experience from listed and unlisted growth stage companies. Vast international business experience in with exposure to about 40 countries.

Metacon - Lennart Larsson

Lennart Larsson

Born 1949
Joined the board in 2013

Civil Engineer with many years of experience in the forest industry, focused on building material. Also been a banker at Merrill Lynch. Since 1992 he specialized on turnaround situations and today owns Oppboga Bruk AB, which supply world famous brands with paperboards for printed communication, framing and packaging.

Metacon - Christer Nygren

Christer Nygren

Born 1948
Joined the board in 2017

MSc in Engineering, Physics, LiTH, he has been working in international marketing and sales of complex systems and products for Bofors AB, Celsius AB and Saab AB the most part of his professional career.
Christer has long experience of leading teams of technicians and other specialists for the introduction and sales of innovative and complex products in the global market.

Metacon - Mats W. Lundberg

Mats W Lundberg

Born 1974
Joined the board in 2018

Mats has a genuine background as a technology developer in Sandvik Material Technology, where he was instrumental in developing a production line pertaining special plates for flow plates  fuel cells intended the global automotive industry. Today Mats is responsible for sustainability at Sandvik Material Technology AB, and member of the board of Sandvik AB. He is renowned and within the hydrogen community and has been main driver for Sandviken to have a hydrogen gas station, with several fuel cell cars owned by the municipality and Sandvik Technology AB.


Metacon - Carl Christopher Tornblom

Carl Christopher Tornblom

Born 1980

Chris is founder and investor in several growth companies and has vast experience of the financial markets in a number of countries. He has served on the board of a number of listed companies, both in Sweden and abroad. He has lived and worked in, among others, the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and South Africa. He is educated at Shenandoah University in the USA and the Graduate School of Business Administration in Zurich, Switzerland. Today he is residing in London.

Slavica Djuric

Slavica Djuric

Born 1965

Diploma Marketing Economist IHM, with university education from Örebro University. 30 years of experience from positions in financing, information and IR.

Metacon - Kurt Dahlberg

Kurt Dahlberg

Born 1943

MSc in Electrical Engineering at CTH. 20 years of experience in system and market development at Bofors AB, then for 27 years, acting as founder, CEO, board member and business development manager in a number of high technology energy companies in production engineering, wind power, fuel cells and hydrogen technology.

Metacon - Xenophon Verykios

Xenophon Verykios

CEO Helbio S.A., Patra, Greece
Born 1956

Dr. Verykios is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Patras, and Director ofthe Laboratory of Heterogeneous Catalysis.He has held various academic positions in the USA. His research focuses on the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and photo-catalysis, chemical kinetics and chemical reaction engineering.He has published well over 200 papers in international refereed journals and holds seven patents. He is the founder of Helbio S.A.


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