Metacon has finalised a system for converting biogas to electricity and heating in order to supply power to properties of Karlskoga Biogas. The system delivers 5 kW of electricity, 8.5 kW of heating and the installation is aimed at evaluating the processing of biogas in relation to the production of vehicle gas.

Karlskoga Biogas AB was formed in 2009 and is owned by Karlskoga Energi & Miljö AB. The objective of the company is to build a biogas production plant at Mosseruds waste management depot. The plant is a so-called multi-anaerobic digestion plant capable of handling various types of biodegradable waste, such as food scraps, energy crops and manure for the production of biogas. The total capacity is for 48 GWh upgraded vehicle gas per year, corresponding to approximately five million litres of petrol. Construction is in progress and is estimated for completion in the third quarter 2013.