“Energy is essential in everyone’s life, Metacon is committed to provide technology & solutions for the production of hydrogen, by reducing environmental impact.”


The days when mankind could afford the wasteful and harmful combustion technologies are well behind us and an immediate turnaround is essential. World leading car suppliers are now introducing fuel cell cars. This is a complete game changer towards more environmentally friendly car traffic. Metacon intends to be a leader within hydrogen supply for these cars regarding the most environmental, economic and adaptive solutions. Metacon will also supply leading technologies for combined heat and power.

Green Energy

“To become a world leader in local production of hydrogen for fuel, electricity and heating.”


Metacon believes in an energy society free of carbon and fossil fuels. We believe in reduced greenhouse effect where both CO2and biomethane is reduced. We believe in hybrid cars where fuel cells and batteries work together in harmony for best acceleration and driving range together with a minimum of environmental impact. We believe in car fuels produced from waste. We believe in more environmental house heating in countries that are today dependent of fossil electricity. We know that the circular economy is possible.

Metacon - Strategy


Metacon´s core product is a world leading reformer from biogas to hydrogen. The reformer has higher efficiency, lower cost and smaller footprint than all competitors. Our strategy is to offer this reformer to the world market together with small and big companies that can supply peripheral products and are closer to the end customers.

The reformer will be built in modules to make it economical for both small and big gas demands, especially to fit the growing number of fuel cell cars.

Our strategic assets include our network, our employees and our name. Based on our strong roots in the engineering industry we are building a strong international brand that we continuously develop. Our strong brand and network help us get in contact with interesting players and attract the right individuals.

Metacon - Objective


Metacon’s objective is to save the world from the total climatic disaster we are bound for unless a drastic transformation has taken place by year 2020. It is up to shareholders and voters to demonstrate their commitment.

The attitude of passively believing that investing in increased extraction of oil or just waiting to see what will happen will no doubt lead to an inhabitable planet. Metacon’s objective is to increase the number of shareholders, thus enabling the company the power to establish more plants all over the world.

The aim is that Metacon’s business shall grow dramatically while generating profits to such an extent that the number of shareholders may increase massively up to year 2020.