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The Future of Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the only fuel/energy carrier that satisfies all requirements for the survival of mankind on our planet. It can replace fossil fuels, and will then offer silent, efficient vehicles driving, generating zero emission. Hydrogen can be produced almost anywhere on the earth, fin clean processes, from original solar energy.

In this global environment, Metacon’s unique technologies and products have a clear opportunity to play a role.


About Metacon

Metacon offers technology that converts methane gas into hydrogen, more efficiently than any other process in the world. These hydrogen reformers are sold separately or integrated into energy systems that produce electricity and heating. The Metacon energy technology group is built around the flameless steam reforming technology, with world leading performance, developed by Helbio A.S. The technology is available for use to supply better and cheaper energy for vehicles and buildings. Due to the catalytic combustion technology, our systems are suitable and equally efficient for small and medium-size hydrogen end energy systems. Methane is available at large quantities and constantly formed in all organic waste from people, animals and plants. We are now launching a technological leap to replace both fossil fuels and combustion engines.


Metacon’s business concept is to replace all types of combustion engines with fuel cells as the new energy transformers and with hydrogen as the new fuel.


Metacon’s vision includes that the public in the immediate future is informed of the fact that only the large corporations and politicians restrain us in old outdated energy technology with the use of fossil fuels and combustion engines.


Metacon’s strategy involves the replacement of all types of combustion engines with leading technology applying hydrogen as the new fuel and fuel cells as the new energy transformer; and this before the global temperature has risen by 2 degrees Celsius.


Metacon’s objective is to save the world from the total climatic disaster we are bound for unless a drastic transformation has taken place by year 2020.



Latest News

Metacon på väg till börsen

Metacon kommer den 1 december att lämna in ansökan om notering på NGM. Därefter återstår en del formalia att hantera innan prospekt och teckningssedlar kan skickas ut i början av januari. Teckningstiden är ännu inte fastställd med blir troligen från omkring den 20 januari och en månad framåt. Det skulle betyda att vi kan börja

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Emissionsaktuella Metacon AB (publ) deltar i företagspresentationer

Emissionsaktuella Metacon AB (publ) kommer i samband med den emission som föregår den planerade listningen på NGM MTF, att delta i ett antal olika företagspresentationer. Eminovas Bolagskväll, i samarbete med Axier Tid: 8 november 2017 kl 18,00 Plats: Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23, Stockholm. Konferensavdelningen 1 trappa upp. Obligatorisk föranmälan till erik@axier.se Metacon AB (publ) och

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(Swedish) Kallelse till extra bolagsstämma

Aktieägarna i Metacon AB (publ), 556724-1616, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma torsdagen den 28 september 2017, klockan 14:00, Dammbrovägen 1, i Karlskoga. Rätt att delta i stämman Rätt att delta i stämman har den aktieägare som är registrerad i den av Euroclear Sweden AB förda aktieboken på avstämningsdagen den femte vardagen före dagen då stämman

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